Delivery options


Delivery from a warehouse in the USA

Delivery will be within 3-5 days
Items ordered from our US warehouse can only ship to US and Canadian customers

Delivery from Ukraine all over the world

Delivery to the USA from Ukraine only 15-20 days
We exclusively employ secure delivery services from Ukraine with the fastest possible delivery times worldwide. Below, you can find the delivery times to your country.

Terms of delivery

When sending from Ukraine, Express delivery is possible. Delivery time 7-10 days - 25$
Parcels shipped from US warehouse will be delivered by :

  • USA - USPS or Fedex (3-5 days) - 7$
  • Canada - standart delivery (15-20 days) - 10$
We will try to add as soon as possible more items that will be kept in stock in the US


The package can be tracked only
after 10-14 days after the payment, only when the package passes transit and
arrives in your country. Additional 2-5 days are needed after
that for the delivery to your home. 

TOTAL DELIVERY TIME from the payment to your

US – 15-20 days - 7$
Europe – 15-20 days - 8$
Australia – 10-12 days - 25$
Canada – 25-35 days - 10$
UK – 15-20 days - 8$
Switzerland– 20-30 days - 8$

You can
track your package here: