Wooden Weekly Planner for Kids, Wooden Visual Schedule, Chore Chart For Kids

Wooden Weekly Planner for Kids, Wooden Visual Schedule, Chore Chart For Kids

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Wooden Weekly Planner for Kids,  Wooden Visual Schedule, Chore Chart For Kids


Gone are the days of mundane chore routines and endless nagging!  With our innovative Wooden Chore Chart, you can turn everyday tasks into exciting adventures for your kids. Crafted with care from high-quality, durable birch wood, this Montessori Calendar is functional and appealing, adding a touch of warmth and charm to any room.

Each day, your children will eagerly check their chore chart, excited to see what tasks await them. They can choose their desired dates, weather mood, and activities from the array of vibrant square tokens, placing them onto the designated spots on the chart. 

Token categories include various activities such as entertainment, family traditions, food, holidays, months, occasions, weather, people, places, seasons, sports, school, seasonal activities, travel, work, arrows (to mark recurrent activities), and blank cards to draw on so that your child will never get bored.

With this Montessori Calendar your kids will develop a sense of responsibility and essential life skills that will benefit them in the long run. Plus, you'll enjoy a well-organized home and some much-needed relief from constantly reminding your kids about their chores! 


  • Handmade of premium-quality birch wood
  • Painted with non-toxic, allergy-friendly safe paints for kids 
  • Great educational toy 
  • Made to last 


- Base: 11.8"x16.9" / 30x43 cm

- Square Tokens: 1.7"x1.7" / 4,5x4,5cm


You may easily hang the Wooden Chore Chart on the wall as it comes with everything you need to install it without any additional help!  The set includes:

- 2 metal loops

- 4 bolts (+ 1 spare)


- 219 square tokens with activities  

- 10 blank tokens 

-  Numbers for dates 

- Wooden stand 


  • Wooden Calendar only 
  • Add a box to store calendar tokens  
  • Add a linen bag to store calendar tokens 

⚠️Attention! The actual colors of the product might vary due to the difference in your monitor settings, device screen resolution, and product photography lighting. 

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