Chore chart for kids - Toddler routine chart

Chore chart for kids - Toddler routine chart

Additional set - 72 elements
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Chore chart for kids - Toddler routine chart

 Do you want to teach your child responsibility and the importance of contributing to the household? Our Wooden Chore Chart is here to save the day and make chore time a breeze! 

 Say goodbye to the hassle of keeping track of chore assignments on a scrap of paper. Our wooden chart features clear slots for task cards, making it simple for you to customize and update the chores according to your child's age and abilities.

 Motivate your children to complete their chores with our built-in reward system! Each time they finish a task, they can mark them as “Done” right on the wooden chart by placing the toggle  in “Green” mode. Watch theirfaces light up as they reach their daily goals!

 On top of that, our chore chart  promotes teamwork among siblings, allowing them to work together on tasks and earn rewards collectively. It's a fantastic way to foster a sense of unity and cooperation within your family!


This chore chart comes in various sizes including:

  • Small: 7 x 10 inches/ 18 x 25.5 cm
  • Large: 7.9 x 14 inches / 20 x35.5 cm

All chore task cards come in a size of 2x 2 inches/5 x 5 cm! 


Small set:

  • Wooden base 
  • Wooden stand
  • 36 chore tasks 

Large set: 

  • Wooden base 
  • Wooden stand
  • 36 chore tasks 
  • 3 plaques (Morning/Afternoon/Evening)
  • 1 plaque “My Daily Responsibilities” (can be personalized with your own text or baby name)

Perk! Chore charts are available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian languages!


You may order an additional set of 72 chore tasks! (don´t ducplicate chore tasks available in standard sets). 


  • Puzzle only
  • Add wooden storage box for chore tasks 
  • Add linen stirage bag for chore tasks 
  • Add additional set of 72 chore tasks 
  • Add Name on a green plaque at the top (option available for LARGE size only)

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