Wooden Wall Calendars, Advent Calendar, Christmas Calendar, Montessori Toys

Wooden Wall Calendars, Advent Calendar, Christmas Calendar, Montessori Toys

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Wooden Wall Calendars,  Advent Calendar, Christmas Calendar, Montessori Toys


Handcrafted montessori calendar for kids is a beautiful and useful tool for keeping track of time. But most importantly, this kids wall calendar can be a great help for your child on learning dates and numbers, days of the week, months of the year, and seasons. Introduce your little one to the concept of time, teach him how to use a calendar, show him his birthday and favorite holidays, explain how to make a schedule. Learning complicated things is much easier through creative activities, so this preschool calendar can be a great educational tool for your child.

Also, you can add special holiday squares to this calendar, and turn it into an Advent calendar! Let your kids count days before Christmas using this calendar, prepare small presents for them for each day, and make the waiting time special and exciting!

In our calendars, the week starts on Sunday, but if you want to make changes to the layout of the calendar and make Monday the first day of the week, write it in a note to the order.

🌤Entirely handmade
🌧Made of quality birch wood
❄We’re using safe, non-toxic paint
🌩Personalized gift
🌤Perfect gift for Kids
🌧Home decor
❄Made to last

30 x 43cm / 11.9" x 16.9"

☀Calendar only (desk stand included)
☀Add set of special holiday squares
☀Add box for calendar squares
☀ Add Bag for calendar squares

Choose art on puzzle:
☀Moon phases

The standard set includes the following elements: seasons, months, days of the week, weather, temperature, moods or moon, 31 days, 2 frames, numbers for years up to 2054, stand and fixtures to hang the calendar on the wall

Hanging a calendar on the wall will not be a problem, because our set includes everything you need:
- Rope
- 2 metal loops
- 2 bolts (+ 2 spare)
!!!! IMPORTANT the dowel is not included in the kit !!!!

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