Wooden Name Puzzle Gift for Kids Montessori toy 2 year old Newborn Gift First Birthday Gift Custom Baby Name Sign Kids Name Puzzles

Wooden Name Puzzle Gift for Kids Montessori toy 2 year old Newborn Gift First Birthday Gift Custom Baby Name Sign Kids Name Puzzles

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Montessori Wooden Name Puzzle, Newborn Gift First Birthday Gift, Wooden Baby Name Sign 

In search of an extraordinary and personalized gift that will captivate the hearts of both children and parents? Your quest ends here! Introducing our remarkable Wooden Name Puzzle, designed to bring immense joy, facilitate learning, and offer endless entertainment for children aged three and below. 

As children engage with the vibrant puzzle pieces, which are easy to grasp, they actively enhance their problem-solving abilities, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. Moreover, this interactive activity enables them to recognize letters and spell their own names, laying a solid foundation for language skills. Furthermore, the addition of delightful figures attached to the puzzle helps your little one effortlessly learn the names of animals, plants, and various objects.

At our core, we believe in creating products that endure the test of time, and our Wooden Name Puzzle is no exception. Crafted meticulously from high-quality, eco-friendly birch plywood and coated with child-safe, non-toxic paint, this puzzle is built to withstand rigorous play while prioritizing the utmost safety for your precious little angels.

You've stumbled upon the perfect choice for a birthday celebration, baby shower, or a surprise gift for no particular reason! Embrace this wonderful discovery and cherish the joy it will bring to your baby's life.


  • Handmade of premium-quality, eco-friendly birch plywood
  • Painted with non-toxic, allergy-friendly safe paints for kids 
  • 100% personalized 
  • Great educational toy 
  • Made to last 
  • Great baby present for any occasion 


Puzzle Length: Depends on the number of letters 

Puzzle Height: 3.5 inches/9 cm 

Letter Height: 2.3 inches/6 cm 


You don’t need anything specific to install the puzzle as you may:

  • Place it against the wall/on the flat surface
  • Place it on a wooden stand
  • Hang it on the wall with pegs 


- Wooden Base

- Wooden Name letters (up to 10 pcs. available!)


  • Wooden Puzzle with a stand
  • Wooden Puzzle with pegs 
  • Wooden Puzzle with engraved text on the back 


You may personalize your Wooden Puzzle with:

  • Engraving on the back 
  • Indicate the name (type name letters)
  • Choose the color scheme f letters (see color scheme options 1-14)
  • Create a  color for each letter (see color options 1-25) - indicate in the personalization box 
  • Choose a figure (No figure/1 figure before name/1 figure after name/2 figures on both sides)

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