Montessori Puzzle Wooden Map, Educational Wooden Maps, Map Puzzle For Kids

Montessori Puzzle Wooden Map, Educational Wooden Maps, Map Puzzle For Kids

On the back of the map
Flags on the back
Text on the back
Storage bag
Wood Stand
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Montessori Puzzle Wooden Map, Educational Wooden Maps, Map Puzzle For Kids 

Research has consistently demonstrated that children grasp information more effectively when provided with visual aids. Therefore, this wooden World Map Puzzle serves as the perfect educational toy, enabling children to explore and understand the world around them while adhering to the principles of the Montessori teaching approach. It offers an engaging geography lesson that combines both enjoyment and learning.

This wooden world map goes beyond being a mere toy; it is a valuable tool for educational purposes. Have you ever engaged in the "Name the Country" game? If so, you likely realized that it requires memory training.

The map is designed to make the child's recreational time incredibly beneficial. How, you may ask? Well, this game enhances logical reasoning and motor skills through the selection of wooden shapes. It also promotes memory retention and association-building by encouraging the memorization of country names. Moreover, it offers a vast opportunity for developing a profound understanding of geography.

By playing together with your child, you can share fascinating insights into the distinctive features, landmarks, and traditions of each country. This experience will be both enjoyable and informative for children and adults alike. Imagine embarking on a virtual journey around the world, creating delightful memories through this entertaining game — a foundation that may even inspire future real-life adventures across the globe!


  • Handmade of premium-quality, eco-friendly & smooth birch plywood
  • Painted with non-toxic, allergy-friendly safe paints for kids 
  • Bright and visually appealing illustrations 
  • Great educational toy for ages 4+ 
  • Easy to store


Length: 16.53 inches/42cm

Width:  11.80 inches/30 cm


Each wooden map consists of 51 puzzles. 


- Only Puzzle

- Puzzle with a stand 

- Puzzle with text on the back 

- Puzzle with flags on the back 

- Add storage bag 

⚠️Attention! The actual colors of the product might vary due to the difference in your monitor settings, device screen resolution, and product photography lighting. 

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