World Map Puzzle for Kids, Montessori Puzzle

World Map Puzzle for Kids, Montessori Puzzle

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World Map Puzzle for Kids, Montessori Puzzle, Wooden Continent puzzle for Kids

Discover the fascinating world of geography with our Wooden Continent Puzzle, designed to captivate and educate young minds. Extensive research has shown that visual aids greatly enhance children's ability to retain information, making this puzzle the perfect educational tool. Inspired by the renowned Montessori principles, this puzzle ensures a joyful learning experience for kids.

More than just a simple toy, this wooden world map opens up a world of possibilities for children's development.

Remember the "Name the country" game? It's not just about entertainment; it actually trains memory skills. Our wooden map combines enjoyable playtime with valuable learning. How, you ask? By engaging children in logical thinking and enhancing their motor skills as they navigate the wooden pieces. It also stimulates memory and encourages associations as they memorize the names of countries, fostering an impressive grasp of geography.

Make it a shared experience! Engage with your child as you explore the puzzle together, unveiling unique features, landmarks, and traditions of each country. This interactive journey promises fun and enriching moments for both children and adults alike. Imagine embarking on a virtual adventure around the world, creating cherished memories through play, and perhaps even igniting a passion for future globe-trotting!


Handmade of premium-quality, eco-friendly & smooth birch plywood

Painted with non-toxic, allergy-friendly safe paints for kids 

Bright and visually appealing illustrations 

Great educational toy for ages 4+ 

Easy to store


  • Length: 16.53 inches/42cm
  • Width: 11.80 inches/ 30cm


  • Wooden map
  • 39 puzzles with continents & countries

Flags are available for countries of the following continents: 

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America 
  • Oceania
  • South America 


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